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Do You Want to Boost Audience Retention?

A polished soundtrack retains listener engagement by up to fifty-percent. Don't lose half your audience because your audio lacks punch and is hard to understand. 

Boost retention by calling on our experienced sonic craft masters and demand your message be heard.

What we Offer

Over 5000+ Successful Projects and Still Counting

Voice Over Recording

Directing nuanced performances from voice actors is our specialty and is key to recording a compelling voice over.

It's why fortune 500 companies rely upon us to record and produce stellar voice-over narration for their radio ads and other media.

The rest is mechanics - with ultra high-end equipment operated by seasoned engineers that push the boundaries of quality.

Audio-Post Cleanup

Cut the noise and increase the clarity, power, and impact of your video by improving its colorless location audio.

It's not just good sense; it's profitable business. Videos with improved sound retain viewers up to fifty-percent more.

Master your audio, and master retention with professional audio-post and mixing. 

Sound Design

The alchemy of sound design lies in its ability to evoke feelings.

From a simple musical underscore to roaring cinematic effects, sound-design creates market flare that pushes your production to the forefront.

Capture extra attention and extra profit with ear-catching sound design.


We're Connection Specialists

It's cheap and easy to buy sound equipment but much harder to build experience. That comes with time, working hard in the trenches. That comes with thousands of hours of careful listening and critical analysis that you can take advantage of to make your video, tv, and radio spot sound extraordinary. 

But professional-grade quality is only part of the sound equation.

The emotional connection - the feelings that sound evokes, is what truly engages listeners and unites them with your message. Understanding and cultivating this relationship in a way that magnifies your message is what distinguishes us.

You see, we're not just an audio house. We're connection specialists. We're an extension of your team - the ones who understand the nuance of sound, so you don't have to.

We'll help you wring the visceral details out of a voice actor's performance or select the perfect music track to convey exuberance, poignancy, or passion. We'll even strengthen your scripts' power with words that boost a listener's attention.

That's what 25 years of experience brings—something you can take advantage of right now with a simple call. 

RidDle Us This

What does quality cost?

It's strange, as standards for picture increase, standards for sound decrease. Why? Sure, you can blame the budget, but our experience shows that it's cheaper to record correctly than to fix it later.

We can attest, because we've fixed many bad "home studio" recordings for producers who would have discovered it much cheaper to record talent in our professional voice over studio. 

You'd undoubtedly get higher quality, just as you do when you hire an excellent camera operator. 

On top of that, you'd get top-notch engineers who know how to help direct talent and have the technical expertise to buff and shine your edit to a gleaming finish.

Make it easier on yourself, cheaper on your budget, and sonically superior by handing it off to our audio professionals who live for this stuff.

Your picture editor will thank you too.